My Husband Has ADD

         and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life


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June 15, 2017, The Villages, FL.  Linda Rosenbaum, Intuitive Energy Healer and Master Dowser, was enthusiastically welcomed by the Parapsychology Club as the speaker for their June meeting. Her unique approach on healing ADD/ADHD and other ailments captured everyone’s attention. She described how her creative protocols, when used with Pendulum Dowsing — Stimulates The Mind To Heal The Body — and almost instantly.


January 25, 2017  Over 70 curious people attended Linda’s talk at The Villages, FL Mensa Group. They learned about the unique protocols she has created to heal ADD and other ailments - using her Pendulum Dowsing skills.

On November 14, 2016  Author Linda Rosenbaum shared her extraordinary story, explaining how she came to be an ADD/ADHD healer to 65 attentive members of The Del Webb Metaphysical Group in Summerfield, FL. She discussed how her protocol works to stimulate the mind to heal the body, bringing hope and understanding beyond what they expected. Many booked a healing for ADD/ADHD and other health issues for themselves and their loved ones.

Linda Rosenbaum, Energy Healer, participated in the 11th annual Central Florida Parapsychology Expo on October 29, 2016, held in The Villages, Florida.  She enjoyed a wonderful day demonstrating her Pendulum Dowsing skills and answering excellent questions on how she uses dowsing to heal ADD/ADHD and other disorders.
On Oct.15, 2016  Energy Healer, Linda Rosenbaum, was the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of The New Age Thinkers in Homosassa, Florida.  She discussed her enlightening book and dowsing skills . She then shared details on how she changes lives for people using the ancient method of Pendulum Dowsing for healing ADD/ADHD and other disorders. 


October 24, 2015, The Villages, FL

Author, healer, Linda Rosenbaum attracted an attentive audience anxious to hear her views on ADD/ADHD and how she heals it through Pendulum Dowsing.  Later, dozens stopped by her booth and signed up for healings for themselves and/or their loved ones.


The Holistic Lifestyle Magazine

Autumn, 2015

In this informative article, Understanding ADD/ADHD And the Miracle of Pendulum Dowsing, Linda Rosenbaum details many stages of her difficult life — living with her ADD/ADHD husband, starting long before Adult ADD was even recognized. She reveals their struggles, his diagnosis, and the joy of finding a solution years later through pendulum dowsing,  a little known ancient metaphysical technique which eliminated his symptoms, and brought peace back into their life. Linda shares — so that others may benefit.

Click here to read article.

April 15, 2015 - Dowsers Unlimited Chapter meeting in The Villages, FL

Linda Rosenbaum, the featured speaker, discussed ADD/ADHD and her unique healing protocol.  Many newly enlightened people signed up for her services following this meeting.

Conversations LIVE with Cyrus Webb
Talk Radio, July 7, 2014

Thoughtful and insightful information about Linda's life journey with her husband Bob, her creative coping strategy, and how she is now sharing her discovery nationwide to help others eliminate ADD/ADHD symptoms for themselves or their loved ones -- without medications or special diets. (20 min.)

Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer
Talk Radio, July 7, 2014

Linda returns to this program as Charlotte Spicer's guest to discuss additional information on ADD/ADHD and the discovery that changed her life. (60 min.)

Hello Dr. CJ
Talk Radio, February 28, 2014

My Husband Has ADD: Most Misunderstood Mental Health Affliction in the US  Candid interview with Linda Rosenbaum and her husband Bob discussing their decades of problems caused by ADD/ADHD, and how they found a wonderful solution. (60 min.)

click here to listen to interview

M Magazine - San Francisco Bay Area
Linda Rosenbaum's feature article in the January 2014 issue of M Magazine is entitled My Husband Has ADD - Living and Coping With Adult ADD.  Click here or on the magazine cover to read the article.

The James Lowe Show
BGE Radio
Talk Radio, December 27, 2013

Candid interview with Linda Rosenbaum and her husband Bob discussing their decades of problems caused by ADD/ADHD, and their triumphant "happily ever after" solution. (30 min.)

Life Issues with Lloyd Rosen

Talk Radio, December 13, 2013

Enlightening interview with author Linda Rosenbaum and her husband Bob, discussing their decades of problems caused by Bob's ADD/ADHD, and their happy ending. (30 minutes)

Build A Better America by Building a Better You with Bryan Dodge 

Talk Radio, October 12, 2013

Interview with author Linda Rosenbaum discussing her memoir. (15 minutes)

Health, Wealth & Wisdom with Evan & Deb in the Afternoon
1250 AM WHNZ, Tampa, FL
Talk Radio, October 11, 2013
Linda Rosenbaum discusses her memoir. (15 min.)
(Click on the 2nd hour bar; interview starts at 12:44)


Patricia Raskin's Positive Living
Voice America
Talk Radio, October 7, 2013

Linda Rosenbaum discusses her memoir. (30 min.)

Victoria Babu's Morning Mix with Melanie Moon
1380 AM, St. Louis, MO 
Talk Radio, October 7, 2013
Linda Rosenbaum discusses her memoir. 
The James Lowe Show

Talk Radio, September 27, 2013
Linda Rosenbaum discusses her memoir.

 Spiritual Insights Radio with Charlotte Spicer
Talk Radio, September 13, 2013
Informative and enlightening interview with Linda and Bob Rosenbaum discussing their many decades journey living with Bob's ADD.  Symptoms and real-life stories, along with their discovery of a solution, is explored in depth. (60 minutes)
Stuart Vener Tells It Like It Is
Talk Radio, Episode 26, August 31, 2013
Linda Rosenbaum discusses her memoir.
The Eric Strauss Show
770 KKOB, Albuquerque, NM
Talk Radio August 24, 2013
Linda Rosenbaum discusses memoir, accompanied by her husband Bob.
The Mary Jones Show
The Talk of Connecticut WDRC AM
Talk Radio June 17, 2013
Linda Rosenbaum discusses memoir, accompanied by her husband Bob.
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Talk Radio February 3, 2013

Linda Rosenbaum discusses how she stumbled upon an ancient, but little known technique, which healed her husband's ADD/ADHD.
(no audio available without subscription, website below gives show description)

The John Fortuna Show - That's What He Said

Talk Radio January 30, 2013

Linda Rosenbaum reveals her personal struggles of many decades with her ADD/ADHD husband, and discusses the miraculous discovery that changed their life.


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Linda Rosenbaum discusses her memoir.
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