My Husband Has ADD

         and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life


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Linda Rosenbaum is a compassionate Spiritual Energy Healer/Medium as well as a renowned expert on how ADD/ADHD, an inherited destructive mental disorder, affects Real people – in Real life. She researched for many years for a viable solution for her afflicted husband, son and other family members.


Since stumbling upon Pendulum Dowsing in 2011, she has spent considerable time educating herself, specifically perfecting the art of healing ADD/ADHD (and other health issues) through Pendulum Dowsing. 


Using Pendulum Dowsing, her proprietary protocols and creative skills, Linda, with great assist and guidance from her incredible Spiritual Team, shifts the energy and stimulates the mind to heal the body, covering 30–50+ symptoms/issues — each individually addressed.  No side effects!  No drugs, supplements or special diet involved. 

Although some physicians are now beginning to consider the value of alternative healing methods, Linda, with her astonishing God gifted abilities, has already changed lives through her creative enhancements of a unique technique that few are aware of. Her approach works exceptionally well – almost immediately, and for those with ADD/ADHD – without sacrificing their ADD/ADHD creative edge.


Her clients are amazed and grateful.  (see Client Testimonials page)


Linda can facilitate healings – Remotely – for anyone,

 anywhere in the world.
To Begin....The process starts with a phone consultation prior to the session to gather info needed and define areas of particular concern for yourself or the family member to be healed. 
Then....Using a pendulum, charts, and advanced skills, along with proprietary protocols, Linda and her team proceed with the fact finding and restorative therapy.  This is done — remotely — in just one very lengthy session.  (Presence of person being healed is not needed.)  Healings usually begin in the late evening, and continue through the quiet "wee hours" of the morning, while the client is sleeping.
After...Supportive information is provided along with a powerful mantra—personalized and specific to your healing.
Further....A 2 week tracking period is included immediately after.

"Investment in self—Marvelous.  Freedom from health issues—Priceless."

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ADD/ADHD Healing $695
PTSD Healing  $695
 In-Depth Emotional Cleansing   $695    

Includes — Anxiety and Depression—plus fears, insecurities, overwhelmed, panic attacks, self-worth, grief, grudges, self-sabotage, stress, anger, worry, forgiveness, moodiness, bitterness, guilt, low self-esteem, irritability, low energy, lack of confidence/motivation/concentration—and much more.

Inquiries welcome regarding possibilities and pricing for other
issues and concerns as well.

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Energy work and spiritual healing is a complementary addition, not a replacement for traditional medical care.