My Husband Has ADD

         and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life


Client Testimonials


From Linda's grateful clients.....



   Linda is very attentive and gives herself fully in her phone consultations and healings. She is generous with her time and energy as she offers herself as a channel for the healing that is ready to blossom within you. The highest outcome for your healing is her great joy and commitment. 

   If there is the slightest spark in you to explore this possibility, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and have an initial phone consultation with Linda, free of charge! From that place, see what resonates with you and listen to your heart! That is what happened for me, and it was worth it! I experienced not just one but two sessions with Linda: PTSD Healing Session and an In-Depth Emotional Cleansing.

   Since my sessions, I have been experiencing increased clarity and greater freedom within myself independent of how life shows up. I am less challenged with internal struggles and more in love with life.  These healing sessions played a vital role in the holistic process of my journey of healing/wholeing.

   Included following her session is a personalized "mantra" for you to use anywhere, anytime to support and anchor your healing. Every time I repeat it, I reconnect to my innate healing wisdom to guide me. Thus, the moment I recite it, there is a bit more freedom, a bit more empowerment, a bit more peace!

Linda, my deepest gratitude!

KH, Florida


  Several months ago Linda Rosenbaum did an ADHD healing for me using her extensive experience with dowsing. I had many symptoms which included procrastination, overwhelmed feelings, and difficulty in finalizing decisions.  Linda spent an hour or so interviewing me on the phone and then she stayed up all night creating the optimum levels for all of my associated behaviours.  Not just eliminating the behaviours but focusing on the best positive sides to these traits and bringing them into proper balance.  Now months later, I still feel more capable and find myself solving complex issues, planning and implementing decisions without undue stress, worry or drama than ever before in my life.  It is not that challenging situations do not arise, it is that when they do come up I can handle them more effectively with little drama. Thank you, Linda, for your help with these issues and for your continued support and encouragement.

BR, Florida

   I am so grateful every day for picking up Linda Rosenbaum's book and then read it twice. (First reading was somewhat skeptical for me as it went against my practical nature). I then gathered up my courage and gave her a call. Linda is a fascinating and dynamic woman. After an ADD/ADHD healing session with her I started to experience some very profound effects. I look at my life through a different lens now. Here are some of the changes I am loving in myself: calmness, letting go of regrets, patience, and just plain liking myself better. I find that I can set goals and more importantly see them to completion. I don't fret about the future and am living in this moment. I am indebted to Linda for my new life.

MW, New York

Dear Linda,

Updates on our adult kids…

   My stepson’s change since his ADD healing only 4 weeks ago is nothing short of miraculous.  He’s changed from going to bed at 3 a.m. to going to bed at 10-11.  He is clearly more focused, happier, and grounded.  He’s even getting up early in the morning to go the gym—completely unheard of!! My husband almost fell out of his chair when his son told him this.  He converses more like an adult now, as opposed to a distracted child.  It’s amazing and his dad is thrilled beyond belief. 

   My daughter is doing great since her Emotional Clearing.   She has lost that super sensitivity that was so strange; I can now joke around with her about anything, and she flows with things like the ol’ days.  She is more organized, getting to things quicker, not as overwhelmed, and just all around doing very well.

   Son-in-law, with his ADD healing appears more confident than ever before.

   And now for a request for my husband’s other son, who lives in Korea.  Would you be willing to check him out to see if there is anything you can work on regarding his emotional/physical issues? 

   I hope you and your husband had a lovely holiday!  Your work is so very important and is making a positive difference in the world.

MR, Florida

   I love Linda’s work because she does it in the wee hours while you’re sleeping!  In her report she stated that I had an IQ of 140 and there is no way that she could have known that because I did not tell her, and it is not widely known.  After a session with Linda I awoke to feeling more grounded and all my mental chatter had ceased overnight.  Everyone in this day and age has some form, traits or symptoms of ADD or ADHD.  My session with her has left me with greater balance and a smoother calm than I have previously known.
Jimmy Mack, Florida


   I never cease to be amazed at the scope of your healing abilities.  I have had Essential Tremor for 50 years...gradually getting worse over time until I was taking 4 medications a day to even function somewhat properly. After your healing, no more tremors! I am now easing off medications and soon will not take any for Essential Tremor. I can now write properly, shuffle cards for the first time in years, easily cut my own meat at dinner, and my voice-without the tremor, has returned to normal. I have happily recommended you to other friends and family and they have been equally rewarded.

With sincere thanks,

AC, Florida


Linda has been a true angel in my life!  She eliminated my Parkinson’s disease—symptoms gone, and my life has been so much better since. She worked on several emotional issues I was struggling with also - with great success as well. She really cares about her clients.

TE, Florida

Dear Linda,

   I am super pleased with what you did for my elderly mother last week! Her disturbing ADD symptoms are gone. She is a different person and I love her even more!  She is now saying PLEASE and THANK YOU, and is super pleasant. Yesterday and today in talking with her. she asked about my day - NEVER has she done that.  She has not said one negative, opinionated, mean thing  about anything - usually she will go after TV personalities or be opinionated about one the grandkids.

   Her sister called today and said you must be feeling good, I haven't heard you this happy in a long time.  She said I am feeling unusual... then she hesitated and said… unusually good today and I can't figure out why? 
   No anger whatsoever anymore either. Before if I asked too many questions - maybe 3 in a conversation, she thought I was prying and would get angry. I asked 5 today and she did not get angry or even upset - actually answered me. We have a new person in the house! 
   She seems more caring and emotional - very odd for her for sure - she never acknowledged other people in an emotional way before.  She seems very even keel on everything, including focus and listening skills. I am giving her loving happy feedback and saying nothing about her great behavior.
    I so appreciate you!  I am so glad you helped her, and will continue to give you feedback.

PG, Florida

Dear Linda,

    My son, who is 48 yrs old, has been uncommunicative ever since a child. One word answers are all we would get for a response to a question. Now when we talk to him, we enjoy a real conversation. This has been since you dowsed him for the ADD . This is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, Linda.

GW, Florida


Info on Linda Rosenbaum…

    While reading Linda’s book I recognized several of the ADD symptoms and contacted her immediately. She was able to pinpoint my specific issues and provide relief. 

    As an aside- while healing my ADD, she discovered I had a thyroid problem. This was at the same time my blood work came back, indicating hypothyroidism. I must stress that Linda did not know I was having blood work when she made her diagnosis. She then paved the way for an appointment for me to see a respected endocrinologist to treat my thyroid condition- something she does not address.

    She has also followed up with me a few times to ensure I remain on the right track for both these health issues. She is certainly a caring, effective and reputable alternative healer.

CB, Florida

Dear Linda,

   GREAT, GREAT—MITOCHONDRIA and DOPAMINE HEALING is already working. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Thank you ever so much. You are the best.

Loving blessings,

BS, Florida

Good morning Linda,

   Hope you had a wonderful holiday and both you and your husband are doing good. 

   My holiday was nice and patience with my mother is becoming more apparent. She made a remark that would normally have set me off;  I just walked away. (No yelling, screaming and going off the deep end)  It felt so "natural" to respond in that manner and at the same time felt "weird".

I am grateful that my subconscious is turning the tide because I feel better over all.  Even my ailing heart is ebbing away!!

   I say my mantra everyday like clockwork; it does feel good when speaking it. (I say it out loud).  I feel I am on a positive course thanks to your spiritual intervention.

   Your Emotional Cleansing and the mantra you provided have absolutely been the catalyst for the many changes.

Thank you with Love, Light and Blessings,

LD, Florida

Dear  Linda, 

   The Emotional Clearing and PTSD Healing you did was exactly what I needed. I am feeling great—both physically and mentally.  I can cope so much better with everything going on.

   The night that you did the healing, I could feel the energy.  The next day, the energy started coming in too fast and I had some nausea.  I knew this was caused by the speed that the energy was entering my body.  I just asked for equal speed and everything calmed right down.  The energy continued to flow, but I was able to accept it without physical discomfort.  Later that day, I felt some discomfort in the chest. This was the energy completely opening the heart chakra.  I just breathed in the energy and felt the expansion.  Because of your healing I am now taking time for myself also – to increase my exercise and eat healthier.

   I am so blessed that you entered my life in a new way at this time.

Love and Light,

MH,  Florida

More About Linda…

    We were so pleased with our dowsing results for my husband (COPD & ADD), our daughter (ADD) and my own issues (Barrett's esophagus, pinched neck nerve, high blood pressure and also emotional clearing), but the best surprise has been that Linda has kept in touch and continues to give assistance even when we haven't requested it.

    It is truly a blessing to have such a talented healer in our lives, and she is also wonderful  at reading "between the lines" to know just how to help!

Linda, thank you so much.

MD, Kentucky


   The greatest change for me was my anger. Sudden outbursts happened a lot. It was really bad. My anger has taken a big step to the good. It's like it went to sleep since you healed me. Things happen and instead of anger in my gut, I now remain calm. My golf game is now a joy also. 

   Another big item was my connection to people. Tuesday was happy hour in our neighborhood and there I was-talking and listening. It was exciting.

   I have had counseling, and read many books on ADD over the last ten years, but ADD was tearing me up and has been a tremendous burden for me and my wife over our 50 years together. Now I see hope.  You are a special person who I deeply admire, Linda.  I am thankful I was able to find you. 

CR, Florida 


~~~~~An update from CR, Florida — more happy news.~~~~~ 


     Let me tell you about an exciting event that happened to me today. Last year I went to the memory doctor.  Results were not too good.  My wife wanted me to take it again, so I did.  We got the results today.  I was much better than last year, and the Doctor was in shock.  He didn't know what to say, but I know what it was.  My brain has opened up and the blood is flowing.

     I have taken another step forward to help Me become a better Me.  As of two weeks ago I have stopped drinking. As of three days ago I am not taking my Adderall. I told my wife it is time for me to let it go.

   Linda, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing for my daughter too. She deserves a happier life.

CR, Florida

Dear Linda,

    Wanted to update you on our grandson, JT.  My son tells me that he has matured greatly since you worked on his ADD. He begins his junior year in college in a few weeks and tells his grandfather that he is looking forward to living in his new apartment.  He also plans to take more hours than last semester. Good job.  They say that he has been a pleasure to have around this summer. It was a better summer than any before.

That brings me to my request that you work on my daughter.

LE, Illinois

So grateful to Linda Rosenbaum…
   My spirituality reaches new heights daily, along with all the wonderful changes that now allow me to focus and work towards  the success I always dreamed of.   My confidence level has gone much beyond what I thought Linda could accomplish for me. I am now the person I always wanted to be, truly, deeply happy, and unencumbered by the limitations of ADD beyond my expectations.
   I am so grateful for  all the coincidences (God incidences) that led me to Linda’s Book, and then eventually to her—so to be free of my ADD symptoms. I am truly in awe of how she has made such a difference. I now have the most incredible feeling of peace, joy, and serenity.

   Her book is a must read, spot on, enlightening memoir— a breathtaking personal account of what she endured being married to a man who suffered for years with ADD. It is truly a tribute to Linda, who took her marriage from the pits of despair to such a sweet healing through searching for answers and understanding of this very mysterious dis-ease of the mind. Through determination to help her husband and save their marriage, came the most unconventional alternative and unique miraculous discovery, and now Linda's discovery has changed my life forever for the better and I am so grateful.
   I thank God that I found Linda. She has enhanced and afforded me a life second to none, with the knowledge it is never too late to fulfill my destiny by sensibly using the gifts and talents that God has given me.
Thumbs up Linda…

SA, Massachusetts

   My name is Mark and my wife is Michele.  Our journey with ADD changed when my wife found the book— 'My Husband has ADD'.  What Michele learned from the book helped her understand her husband and what goes on in her environment.  After I read the book we contacted Linda to learn more about her gifts and talents.  What a great experience that has been. We have been blessed with Linda's time and talents. She has taught us so much, and our household has been much calmer. Linda's patience and devotion are the backbone of my growth. And the new growth of our marriage. We are almost 50, and we have renewed spirit in our future. Thank you Linda for all you do, and sharing yourself with us!! All Our Love,

Mark & Michele, Nebraska

Dear Ms. Rosenbaum:

   In late January I had requested a Healing Session on myself. My request was rooted in the desire to find help for my grandson, who exhibited signs of ADD. Not being comfortable with the idea of this healing modality, I opted to have you dowse me for ADD. This way I felt I could monitor effects or disaffects of this healing exercise.  After the Healing Session you emailed me the results and the clearings performed. I had about two weeks of de-cluttering mind orientation. (Nothing bad, just mind clutter dissolving.)  In talking with you, I was told I was detoxing from my body. The explanation plausible. Since then I have improved remarkably in my mind function, speech, thought, and organizational patterns. I did not realize how ADD I was. Never considered myself having ADD. 

   I am now comfortable with you to do this healing safely and effectively on my grandson or any other family member, or persons at large for that fact.

Sincerely with much gratitude, 
CB, Florida

Dear Linda, 

   You did it---healed my teenage son who has struggled for years with ADD! School/homework/mood swings, etc. All was a nightmare for him—and us. After your healing session—his grades soared. He does his homework willingly now, and even finished a scouting project that he had procrastinated on for far too long. In fact he feels a lot better about himself. Thanks so much for you kind patience in helping us. We are a very grateful family.

MD,  Connecticut

Dear Linda, 

   I had struggled with Fibromyalgia  for over 25 years.  I cannot thank you enough for the positive impact your highly honed dowsing skills have had on me.  I had to stop working 10 years ago because of stabbing, burning, aching widespread pain and non-restorative sleep.  I had suffered with terrible spasms that required a multitude of interventions. Fibro affected both my both mind and body severely. On high fatigue/pain days, "Fibrofog" affected my ability to concentrate, remember, initiate and complete conversations and tasks.

   You addressed all of my raging symptoms, the different kinds of pain and the very noticeable Fibrofog. In addition, both of my legs were heavily swollen. My right knee was in excruciating pain. You interviewed me, discovering a long list of symptoms. Just the dowsing you did then and there, before developing my full protocol, lowered the pain and swelling immediately.

   Your work then reduced my symptoms 100% most of the time. I say most of the time because I have improved so much, I tend to overdue activities sometimes. I am using a timer to curtail activities when need be. Things I've accomplished since include, but are not limited to are entertaining, (which I had not done for a year) and even reading. I had low concentration due to all my symptoms, taking  pleasure out of my life. (I was then able to read your wonderful book!)

   I am now walking, shopping without using an electric scooter, working in the yard,  even drove myself to and from Disney, and returned to my beloved crafts. I am 100% happier! I thank you, I thank God.

   Thank you, Linda, for using your intelligence, sincerity and skills to improve the quality of my life. I can't thank you enough.  

MD, Florida

Dear Linda
     I can never thank you enough for my wonderful Emotional Clearing.  I have never had that kind of help in my life.  I am now confident, no longer have severe panic attacks, know that I am taken care of, know the reasons for my many issues, and am a much happier person. I now better understand what caused the difficulties that my (deceased) husband and father created for me. It’s like having a brand new life.

     I am so grateful for all of the willing help and sincere goodness that you are. You are now helping another family member for me and I know that the outcome will be good. What a Blessed day that I was led to you. I am in AWE of your gifts and how you acquired them.
BS, Florida

About Linda....

    After other members of my family had been helped so much with ADD as well as COPD issues, I asked Linda to do an Emotional Healing for me, and while we were discussing that, mentioned that I had been treated for Barrett's Esophagus and also had severe neck pain due to a pinched nerve in my neck.  Neck surgery had been suggested at the time, but I did not choose to do that. 

    The morning after Linda dowsed for me, my neck was comfortable for the first time in many decades, and the range of motion has greatly increased. It is such a blessing to be without constant neck pain. She also healed the Barrett's Esophagus, and I am having no difficulties swallowing now. 

     I feel a calmness now that I attribute to the emotional healing. I have always been a first class worrier with a whole bucket load of fears to boot. I have generally been a happy person, but now I am also much more relaxed! 

    I appreciate the many hours spent on behalf of all of us, and the close contact we have maintained. We feel we have been blessed with a wonderful new friend who has miraculous capabilities for healing. 

MD, Kentucky 

Dear Linda:

    After you eliminated the 10 negative entities that were clinging to me for decades, I benefitted greatly from your two amazing healings (ADD/ADHD and an Emotional Clearing). I just had to send off a quick note. 

    I noticed a “lighter feeling”– overall.  When I made hospital visits this week, I remembered the patient’s name which needed to be inserted  into the prayers, which I had not been able to do. HOWEVER, this week - no problem remembering every patient’s name.  So exciting for me. 

    That was followed by feeling alert in many other ways. Also I am no longer procrastinating.  I now want to “do” things like cooking, attending to responsibilities, window shopping, connecting with a quilting group, etc.   I know these sound like small and ordinary things but they were big for me.  I am no longer sadly moping at home -mostly watching TV. I am back into life again!  I will report further - all good things I am sure. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Forever Grateful,

DM, Florida


Dear Linda,

   I was very lucky to cross paths with you. You were a known facilitator for eliminating symptoms regarding ADD/ADHD, but agreed to work on my recently diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease. You eliminated my symptoms through pendulum dowsing—which I had never heard of before. My wife was quite skeptical, and asked our minister if we should consider this unusual protocol. His answer—“why wouldn’t you try this??”

   In less than one month I become a changed man, and the changes were readily noticed by others too. One woman at church asked my wife about my sudden improvement, as did a neighbor–a retired surgeon. It was apparent that my tremors were almost totally gone, voice was strong again, I was communicating well, depression–gone, etc. My energy was transformed too. I could play tennis, golf, work at the food bank, attend a church supper–all on the same day!  

   Linda, I am so grateful for your patience and amazing skills. You brought the spark back into my life. Thank you for caring.

MJ, Florida



   You are definitely a gift from God. I have lived with the “incurable” disease COPD and all its debilitating effects on my body and my life style for many years now. I have been fighting its effect with exercise, dancing and diet for years with minimal success. Since you banished the life force and spirit of COPD, along with many other things, my life has changed drastically. 

   The immediate effect was the cessation of my constant coughing. This alone has been a major improvement. Daily improvement is evident with my constantly increasing blood oxygen level, ease in breathing and lack of congestion. The list of improvements is way too long to write here, but all are positively affecting my daily life thanks to you and your efforts to heal me. Thank you, my spirit guides, my angels and God for this miraculous improvement in my health and life.

HD, Kentucky


 Good Morning Linda,

  To update you on the healing of my Essential Tremor disorder. My shaking - much better now…Mostly Nonexistent! Nice to realize that the progression of this disorder has been reversed also.

  I loved the pendulums you provided - purple is my color (amethyst is my birth stone).  I played tennis last night against a woman who is a much higher ranked player and probably played the best I've ever played. My focus and concentration, which you also worked on, was great!   I've been very consistent with using the mantra you sent, and even used the "travel" pendulum in my purse to say it while sitting in the parking lot of the Post Office. Thank you so much for everything.

KH, Florida

~~An update from SA, Massachusetts. Still happy several months later.~~

   The difference you have made in my life has been unmistakable. As you know I have a very close relationship with God and my Heavenly Angels, who I am sure led me to your healing in dealing with my ADD. I will always think very highly of you.  I am so happy to hear you are now also helping people with some other issues as well. May God continue to work through you in those who you heal and bring a happier existence to them and their families. 

   While I have God and my Heavenly Angels in my life, from our first connection, I considered you to be an Earthly Angel in my life. Our emails meant a lot to me. As long as your clients continue to experience your miracles and let you know what a difference you are making in their lives, your gift will continue. Stay well, stay safe, and may your healing's continue to be abundant.

SA, Massachusetts


Dear Linda,

    My husband's case of ADD was rather mild, but he had a few behaviors that begged improvement. After your dowsing session, I noticed he was calmer. He didn't impulsively do things anymore. There was one thing he did that I couldn’t tolerate. As funny and insignificant as it might sound — yet so many ADD spouses can relate — sometimes it's the little things that bother me the most. One of those things was his newly-formed and strengthening habit of changing the channel constantly while watching TV. He would bounce between two, three, sometimes four different shows. It was so exasperating!!! Thanks to you, he doesn't do that anymore. It seems a small thing, but now we can sit together again and enjoy TV.

   Then  you did a healing session for me on a minor but “frustrating  issue” of long standing—and eradicated it completely. This was life changing …and I am very grateful.

CS, Florida


    Good morning Linda! We were at Mayo in Jacksonville this week for my follow-up MRI brain evaluation. The MRI was late Tuesday afternoon. Our Neuro-Oncologist (we're told he's one of the best in the US) walked into our meeting Wednesday morning, sat down, looked at us and said...."I've got really good news and I don't get to say that very often. Usually I have to say that I have bad news. But in your case, what appeared to be a brain tumor 3-months ago is essentially gone." I was tempted to tell him how I had been visualizing this conversation every day for the past 2-1/2 months and that his words were really close to the script I'd been using.  

    It was fascinating to look at the before and after MRI’s. He said he didn’t think a brain tumor would have reacted that way so his best guess was that I had a mild stroke and the blood vessel had repaired itself. But after I showed him the blood work I had done in June and the scans I had done last year, he admitted a stroke wasn’t likely either. He wants me to stay on the anti-seizure med and come back for another MRI in the Spring. I’m still seizure free and hope to be back driving by January.

    Thank you for all the help you’ve given us to bring this miracle to fruition! Your friendship, concern and wisdom have meant a great deal to us!

DL, Florida


   I first attended Linda’s workshop on communicating with Angels and Guides. However, I have Essential Tremor and was unable to take notes. Linda noticed how badly I was shaking and she did a quick temporary fix via dowsing- so I could function during her workshop. Miraculously my shaking immediately stopped! I was able to easily take notes and wrote better than I had in years. Later, I asked for a full formal healing and the tremors quickly improved tremendously. They had not quite stopped totally, but I was able to write, drink a cup of coffee, enjoy soup without spillage, and more- things I had not been able to do in years. 

   Sadly, only a couple of months later, I fell and broke my wrist in 3 places, which turned out to be a huge setback. Linda agreed that it could be a long term issue, as the enormous trauma to my entire body interrupted the energy flow of the healing. Several months have passed and as my wrist (and body) healed, the tremors again have thankfully lessened. While not completely gone, most days they are quite manageable. I would say I am at least 80% improved since the accident. I continue to say the daily mantra Linda created for me, and am so grateful for her support and amazing abilities.

JR, Florida

I first attended Linda’s workshop on communicating with Angels and Guides. However, I have Essential Tremor and was unable to take notes. Linda noticed how badly I was shaking and she did a quick temporary fix via dowsing- so I could function during her workshop. Miraculously my shaking immediately stopped! I was able to easily take notes and wrote better than I had in years. Later, I asked for a full formal healing and the tremors quickly improved tremendously. They had not quite stopped totally, but I was able to write, drink a cup of coffee, enjoy soup without spillage, and more- things I had not been able to do in years.
Sadly, only a couple of months later, I fell and broke my wrist in 3 places, which turned out to be a huge setback. Linda agreed that it could be a long term issue, as the enormous trauma to my entire body interrupted the energy flow of the healing. Several months have passed and as my wrist (and body) healed, the tremors again have thankfully lessened. While not completely gone, most days they are quite manageable. I would say I am at least 80% improved since the accident. I continue to say the daily mantra Linda created for me, and am so grateful for her support and amazing abilities.
JR, Florida

I first attended Linda’s workshop on communicating with Angels and Guides. However, I have Essential Tremor and was unable to take notes. Linda noticed how badly I was shaking and she did a quick temporary fix via dowsing- so I could function during her workshop. Miraculously my shaking immediately stopped! I was able to easily take notes and wrote better than I had in years. Later, I asked for a full formal healing and the tremors quickly improved tremendously. They had not quite stopped totally, but I was able to write, drink a cup of coffee, enjoy soup without spillage, and more- things I had not been able to do in years.
Sadly, only a couple of months later, I fell and broke my wrist in 3 places, which turned out to be a huge setback. Linda agreed that it could be a long term issue, as the enormous trauma to my entire body interrupted the energy flow of the healing. Several months have passed and as my wrist (and body) healed, the tremors again have thankfully lessened. While not completely gone, most days they are quite manageable. I would say I am at least 80% improved since the accident. I continue to say the daily mantra Linda created for me, and am so grateful for her support and amazing abilities.
JR, Florida

   My son is a different person since your ADD healing session.  He is now so much happier, is in a new relationship and treating her very well.  No more selfishness, etc.  He also has always hated having his picture taken and ending up with a scowl.  Now he smiles widely for all photos.  He has always helped me with tasks when I ask, but now he is asking if I need help with anything. 

   Others have noticed the change also, and can’t figure out what it should be attributed to.
LC, Florida

Hi Linda,

   I just have to tell you how well my husband is doing! He has more energy and is doing projects he had given up on. I know your treatment has given him new energy.

  Sometimes he can’t hear me well, but he doesn’t seem confused like he did before. I thank you so much. One of my friend’s husbands has Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus as well. I have told her about your treatment…you may hear from them. Also a woman with a friend with Parkinson’s may be in touch. Best to you.

JR, Florida


   Your knowledge and compassion for people with ADD came through regarding healing sessions with my family members. My adult children were going through difficult times, but thankfully were able to cope and work through their problems because of your healing work. Your findings for my grandson who also exhibited ADD behavior has made a big difference. He is doing so much better, especially being able to express himself and his ideas now through a conversation, instead of the usual one or two words.

   An understanding of what families struggle with when one or more members have ADD is what makes your sessions so valuable. You individually addressed each in my family who had ADD issues, and discussed how their actions affected the rest of the family too. Another plus for us is no drugs are used. It is with much gratitude our family thanks you.

Grateful wife, mother & grandmother, FL



Dear Linda Rosenbaum,

   I cannot thank you enough for healing my husband from his addiction by your dowsing on his behalf. Through your work and counseling you have balanced his brain and have given me back the man I used to know and love.
   It is truly miraculous, we now have our life back, the calmness, harmony, and the oneness has returned to be a huge part of our life together. We will continue to work with you - and on our own now too. I will happily dowse once daily to maintain our quality of life.

Most gratefully and sincerely,

SB, California, USA


Dear Linda,
   Interesting to report that my 17 year old  grandson is successfully on his way to overcome his ADHD due to your compassionate and relentless dowsing.  He was a tough case and has experienced a change of a pleasant demeanor, improved school work, motivation, and a change for better healthy choices.  Eliminating soda in exchange for water is a major change for a teenager!
   Many thanks for your dowsing technique that has given our grandson a happy life and creating a congenial environment in his household.  Your dowsing fee was worth every penny.....surely the best gift a grandparent can provide for a grandchild.  After, reading your book, I knew that you were the person to contact for ADD/ADHD dowsing assistance.
Blue Ridge Mountain Granny
Dear Linda,  
   Thank you for the time you spent with Wendy and me last Thursday. I have to admit that I had been skeptical about using a pendulum. However, after our phone conversation I am a believer. I have always had trouble staying focused and on task due to ADD.  In 2005 I was on medication for ADD, although it helped me to stay focus, I became a very intense.  It over stimulated me.  I stopped taking the meds after 6 months. 
   This past August we relocated to Texas from Florida  I was finding excuses for why I was performing poorly at my job; I am an Independent Sales Representative.  I wasn’t balanced or focused and felt I was being pulled in many different directions as I was trying to multi-task. I was lashing out at my family and our dog. My wife suggested that I consider “Dowsing”.  
   Everything you mentioned to us in our phone conversation made sense. You hit on some key points. I felt as though you had known me my whole life.  Funny thing is we never have met, that was our first conversation.   
   I feel my body and soul are now in alignment.  I have more control over the things around me and I don’t let the small things bring me down. I am relaxed, better focused to handle the tasks at hand, I have more energy and I am more ease about the things I can control; I call this my “resurgence”.   
   Thank you for your help and bringing balance back into my life!  
Sincerely,  Michael, Texas


This was received from Michael's happy wife.....


Dear Linda,

   After the ADD healing session my husband felt an immediate change!  Relaxed, more energetic (a resurgence as he calls it).  He feels he has more patience, not rushing to do things but taking the time to stay on task to completion.  He still has habits to break but he admittedly feels more confident and feels focused and productive.  He even started weight watchers and is doing fantastic!  Michael’s new demeanor has had a positive impact on our family dynamic-  As he is less agitated and frustrated, he is more patient with our girls (and the dog!). They in turn appear happier and more agreeable-- So a win /win for us all around.   Linda, we will be forever grateful to you for sharing your “gift of healing”-- mind, body and soul. 

Peace,  Love and “Balance”   

The M Family, TX

Dear Linda, 

   Regarding the bladder injury, causing my incontinence of many years...During my first day after your healing, I was overjoyed and was in some cloud higher than 9 - and said thank you all day long to God and you.  The second day I had reverted back some - was not much, but still had to get up 4-5 times during the night. Yesterday and today however were wonderful.  I feel that I am truly healed now and have been so grateful all day and  thanked God and you again and again. It is beyond belief, although I always thought that you could do it.  It is a miracle!

   How can I ever thank you enough, and for all your good advice too. I shall never forget you all the days of my life.

   Thank you so much for everything.  I am planning to tell my friends about you.

I am so grateful.

BS, Florida



   Thank you for spending the time working on my son and his wife. I truly appreciate the work that you did to get their Dopamine Levels to 100%.  My husband and I are doing exceptionally well....... We keep on going with a smile on our face.  Linda , thank you again for all the work that you have done for me and my family.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.   Blessings!  
CE,  Florida
Hi Linda,
   I just wanted to Thank You for all your good wishes for my son, and for dowsing for him. I was not a believer, but my mom was very insistent and she is usually right. It worked….  Allen passed both the FCAT and the SAT and will start college in fall!  It has been a rough year and I am glad to put it in the past. 

   ADHD is so difficult and I was not sure I could get him to graduation. I am so looking forward to June 29th and the picture moment of all this hard work. Thank you for your support and friendship! Have a great summer and Thank You again for helping us.

Warmest Regards,

RM, Florida

Dear Linda,

    I am doing much better in every way since my ADD/ADHD healing of only a week ago.

I have been talking and procrastinating for 6 months about buying a new car to replace my old Honda. Yesterday I bought an almost brand new car. I have been feeling much better, clearer and more focused these past few days. 

    I had a good day at work—put in a full day helping to prepare for a workshop. I got a lot of appreciation for digging in and getting the place ready, and I enjoyed every conversation and interaction with the people I was working with. Worked steadily for 9 hours but took a break for yoga, meditation and lunch. This is a new behavior. In the past I would have worked the whole time without a break.

     I am grateful for the healing gift you have given me—freedom from ADHD. I take responsibility for living the rest of my life in conscious awareness. I thank you— and thank God, from the bottom of my heart…

BR, Florida





Energy work and spiritual healing is a complementary addition, not a replacement for traditional medical care.