My Husband Has ADD

         and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life


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My Husband Has ADD


"A touching and insightful memoir…an unfolding clinical account, a love story and a personal journey intertwined. The author’s strengths and energies really leveraged what might have been complete a travesty into a story of perseverance and triumph. This narrative will benefit so many whose lives are touched by ADD/ADHD and its behavioral manifestations.”

Theodore R. DeRoche, Ph.D., LMHC

Linda Rosenbaum and Mike Huckabee exchanging signed copies of their books at Barnes & Noble in The Villages, Florida on November 25, 2012.
Reader Reviews
“Whoa, give me strength! An amazing and courageous woman and role model, a pioneer blazing a trail to reach a discovery in an all too misunderstood disorder called ADD. The author’s love for her husband was never diminished by what seem to be reluctance or inability to change or to understand himself and his sudden, life-altering impulses.”
"This book vividly and intimately describes what it's like living on the edge as the author encounters one disaster after another, always on guard--expecting the unexpected, but never truly prepared for what comes next."
“Rosenbaum tells this compelling tale of a marriage and a family nearly destroyed by the devastating effects of ADD. The book illustrates ADD, and its effect on individuals and families, gracefully, with courage and determination.  Her memoir is a call to action and a poignant reminder of all the research that is yet to be done in the mental health field with regard to ADD.”
"This book was so informative and really added to my awareness of ADD. So many children and adults have this brain disorder and were never diagnosed properly. It was an eye opener worth recommending to friends and family."
“This book is a brave, personal, and revealing account of the effects ADD can have on a family. She is determined to maintain normalcy for her family, as well as the appearance of normalcy to the outside world despite the upheaval and chaos in her own life … a reminder to us all that enduring love, commitment and fortitude are still a part of people’s constitutions.”
“Linda opens her personal life about living with a husband who has serious ADD. She welcomes us into her world of decision-making and life struggles with bravery. She uplifts the reader to learn better how to help friends, loved ones and co-workers live a richer and less stressful life.”
“Finally, an ADD book that is educational, inspiring and truthful – but not clinical! Then along comes a miraculous discovery that changes everything.”