My Husband Has ADD

         and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life


Linda Rosenbaum

Linda Rosenbaum is a retired business woman living in central Florida. She has authored a memoir of relevant importance highlighting a subject she has had up-close and personal experience with for many decades. Her husband (and other family members) struggled with this inherited destructive mental disorder, known as ADD/ADHD.


Linda’s various careers revolved around sales, marketing and creative pursuits. Highlights of her successful endeavors include newspaper advertising executive, founder/owner of a nanny placement agency, and a marketing/publishing firm. 


After selling her thriving nanny placement agency, she was a sought after expert in that field -- writing articles for newspapers and industry newsletters, while working as a national consultant for new and existing agencies. 


Coming out of retirement to write this memoir, Linda hoped to make a difference for the ADD/ADHD afflicted ― and more importantly, for those whose lives are severely impacted through living or interacting with them.


Now a gifted Energy Healer and speaker, she is able to offer her unique healing capabilities for ADD/ADHD — and other ailments, for anyone — anywhere in the world.  (Since all work is done remotely, location is never an issue.) For further information, please refer to the Healing Sessions page on this website.