My Husband Has ADD

         and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life





Have you ever wondered if you or someone you know has ADD/ADHD -- or is just odd?  Common traits such as procrastination, impulsivity, impatience, risky behavior, poor social skills and general unawareness, are but a few of many. Attention Deficit Disorder is a broad and profound neurological affliction. Repercussions caused by symptoms can range from frequently losing your losing your home.


Maybe you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, or even more unsettling, live with someone who has this disabling brain dysfunction. My husband Bob is intelligent, good looking, witty, loving and had ADD/ADHD. (Ouch! That last one hurt.) If you know little about this inherited, devastating condition, you will be thoroughly enlightened by reading this definitive memoir.


A first person non-clinical account, this is a tale of untold turmoil that happened behind the closed doors of our home, caused by my afflicted husband's assorted issues. A rather shocking narrative, symptoms are illuminated by describing actual (sometimes perilous) situations exposing what no one else has dared to talk about―until now. ADD/ADHD has the power to cause those afflicted, and more significantly those who live with them, a life of despair and hardship.


Our most personal humiliations are revealed, painful for me, but necessary if readers are to grasp the depth of all this mayhem. A detailed description of my confusion, torment and anger that started in our early years places the reader right in the thick of my misery. Desperate determination for our family’s well-being quickly became my goal. Living with someone with ADD/ADHD ― you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know it will, you just don’t know when!


Many people, including some mental health professionals, mistakenly dismiss this disorder as only a focusing and self-disciplining issue. The truth is, it so much more! Since those with this affliction walk among us and look perfectly normal, it is sometimes called the “hidden handicap”. ADD/ADHD children grow up and become ADD/ADHD adults…and that folks is when the really big problems begin.


Engaging with our family and following us through the decades will evoke many strong emotions. Sometimes you will be frustrated with me, be angry at Bob, feel compassion for me, be angry at Bob, cheer at my creative solutions, and (in spite of realizing he had a condition not in his control) still be angry at Bob. If there is an ADD/ADHD person in your life, be prepared to frequently practice the art of forgiveness.


Although I am clearly a victim of the consequences of Bob’s condition, he is a victim as well. It has prevented him from living life with ease and genuine independence. He has bravely offered to be the “Poster Adult” for ADD/ADHD. Those with thoughts of a relationship or marriage to such a person should look to this story as a cautionary tale.


After absorbing the realities of this educational chronicle, with descriptions of disturbing ADD/ADHD caused situations, it will be uplifting to read about our astonishing discovery in 2011 - a method of pendulum dowsing - a little known ancient mental exercise utilizing quantum physics.  Finally - a remedy so profound yet so simple that eliminated Bob's ADD/ADHD.  At long last we enjoy peace and harmony in our home. Indeed, we have experienced a miracle…(see Home page)


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – In The Beginning
Chapter 2 – The 60s Funky Dance
Chapter 3 – The 70s The Storm Before The Calm
Chapter 4 – The 80s Let The Good Times Roll
Chapter 5 – The 90s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Chapter 6 – 2000 - 2010 In Sickness and In Health
Chapter 7 – More ADD Moments: “You’re Always Picking On Me”
Chapter 8 – 2011 The Road Less Traveled
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