My Husband Has ADD

         and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life


Linda Rosenbaum

Author—Speaker—Master Pendulum Dowser

Spiritual Energy Healer

Through determination to help my husband and save our marriage,

came the most unconventional alternative

and unique miraculous discovery.

As the author of an enlightening memoir spanning decades of our dreadful and somewhat shocking ADD/ADHD life—I remain in awe of this discovery—and the path I now travel on. The goodness began with an amazing transformation for my ADD/ADHD husband (and son) in late 2011. Beyond all reason, shortly after writing my book (which ends in 2011) I was gifted with astounding knowledge, abilities and special skills to help not only my family, but so many others struggling with this insidious inherited mental disorder.


My spiritual gifts have notably multiplied and been upgraded over the past few years— allowing me to do remote healings for other significant health issues as well.


The following explains “the wonders of life changing forces” which I was blessed with...along with an exceedingly high healing vibration.  I continued to evolve and expand—and have devoted my life to helping struggling folks in ways not easily imagined. View the Testimonial Page (Testimonials) to absorb the depths of what this means to those I have helped. As a Spiritual Energy Healer I am grateful and happy to share information as to what is possible for those with a desire to change their difficult life or that of a loved one.

An overview of...

The Invaluable Healing Process

“What I do and How I do it”

Many Distressing Conditions are considered “incurable”

 Such as—ADD/ADHD, PTSD—Anxiety, Depression—and more


Joyfully, I have been healing these and other health conditions (remotely*) with my "astonishing gift"—since 2011.  Using my Proprietary Protocols, Charts and Pendulum, along with incredible assist and support from my loving spiritual team, I measure, rebalance and transform all troublesome symptoms and characteristics (usually 30-50+) to their individual optimum and appropriate level.  The Spirit and The Life Force of these "incurable" conditions are permanently deactivated as well.  As the facilitator, I communicate and work directly with a brilliant doctor-in-spirit, archangels, my personal angels/guides (as well as the client's)—and of course, God.

Pendulum dowsing works beyond the 5 senses, activating the body's ability to quickly shift energy and stimulate the brain and body to heal.  Although quite similar to prayer, pendulum dowsing is very specific, targeted, and pro-active with definite expectations of quick results, rather than just "a hope."  

According to Dr. Oz...."The next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine."

The human body is superbly designed to heal itself. The shifted energy allows the healing process to be accepted. Then symptoms and issues are measured and addressed individually. This is always done remotely* while my client is sleeping or resting—and the healing is accomplished in just one lengthy session…effective almost immediately. No drugs, supplements or special diet needed.  Since the client need not be present, physical location (national or international) is never an issue.

I work effortlessly with Dopamine (the “feel good” hormone, which eliminates depression) and the Mitochondria, the powerhouse that brings rich energy to the body's cells. Prevalent and problematic—these are significant culprits in many diseases and disorders. They are brought safely to the determined best level as deemed by spirit, most always to 100%—optimum and appropriate.


In-Depth Emotional CleansingThis also involves measuring and readjusting indicators, as directed by spirit, to their safest and most appropriate level (different for everyone). Includes—Anxiety, Depression—plus fears, insecurities, overwhelm, panic attacks, anger, grief, self-sabotage, stress, lack of self-worth/self-love, worry, forgiveness (conscience and sub conscience), guilt, moodiness, bitterness, irritability, low self-esteem, lack of confidence/motivation, low energy and so much more. Past life issues are sometimes involved. Talk about a life-changing release—Wow! In addition to the immediate personal benefits, an Emotional Cleansing may prevent chronic disease. Anyone could benefit from this significant clearing.

"Investment in self—Marvelous.

Freedom from health issues—Priceless."


An initial phone consultation to discuss your particular concern is always

Informative and Free


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Healing Summary

Done remotely—Accomplished in one lengthy session

Effective almost immediately.

No drugs, supplements or special diet required.

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A powerful and personalized “one minute daily mantra” is created— 

and a supportive two week follow-up is included.

“Those that say it can’t be done

should not disturb those who are doing it.”

Book Title—"My Husband Has ADD

and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life"

(Memoir ends in 2011—just prior to accepting healing abilities, 

further education and more miracles.)  


*Remote Healing…According to Quantum physics–there is a unified energetic field that connects all things (people, animals, plants, etc.). Within this field, energy projected for close or distance healing is potentially identical. The energetic ability of the healer is the determining factor in the quality of healing that occurs. The moment an intention is sent—it arrives instantly—there is no separation between the healer and the person it is sent to. It doesn’t have to travel or find the target and then heal. At our tiniest subatomic level we are all one inseparable Life Force. When sending a remote healing—be assured it will go to the person intended. This is totally non-invasive. We are all energy.

Energy work and spiritual healing is a complementary addition, not a replacement for traditional medical care.